Friday, January 05, 2007

My book

Goal No 3: I've written already so many books. In my mind. In my phantasy. But this year I want to write a book in reality. I know that it can be done very fast.

The first book that I wanted to write was when I worked as a salesperson in the insurance branche. It is an exciting branche. I collected so much money, I met so many different people.

One day during that time I had an appointment with the boss in his office. His German Schäferhund was laying on the floor. I met him after an interview with a "promising" new salesperson. The boss pointed to his bag.
He said: "Ms W., do you see this bag?" I saw his big black bag on the floor, a bag with room for a laptop and a lot of contracts.
Me: "Yes."
He: "Those, who are able to lift it up are hired." He must be somehow disappointed that day.

Many people try to sell insurances, but not so many are able to do it. I was.

But most interesting were the clients. I liked it to go to the clients in the evening and to sell insurances. One evening I had an appointment with a man, who was working in the IT branche. I don't know how I got the information about his job, but I had it. I drank some wine in the afternoon and when it was time to go, I was rather boozed. But I went. I rang the bell of his house, when I arrived. The client had his flat in the fourth floor. I had to climb up all the steps. Finally I stood in front of his door, he asked me in. I saw a sort of sofa in his living room. It was more a mattress on the floor, covered with some blankets.
There I let my body fall. I was not in the mood to talk about insurances this day.
I asked him: "Do you know what www means?"
He:"Yes, world wide web."
Me: "What, world wide web?, that's great, I like it." I really liked it - world wide web.
Me: "Who had the idea?"
He: "The US-army."
Me:" What, the US-army, such a good idea."
He:"Yes, they wanted to make sure that the communication during war times could go on even when some crucial points were destroyed . So the world wide web makes sure that the information will find a way to the right addressee.
We only talked about the world wide web. In the end I said that the young man should do something for the time when he was old - the earlier the better. He signed a contract, it was not a big thing and I went home.

I wanted to write about another client, but I'm tired now. I was out with my boyfriend. We were at a Thai restaurant and I had 2 bad rose wines, food was bad, too, and waiter unattentive.

I'm happy, it is weekend. Probably I have to go on a business trip next week. Only to the North of Germany to a little village. Nothing special. To stay at home is probably better. Reading time now.

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