Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday morning

My practice this morning was not exhilarating. The body was not flexible, I feared to go to the edges. I asked myself if I should go on, but I went on.

I did the suryas, the standing sequence, a few forward bendings and a very short closing sequence (sirsasana, halasana, matsyasana). But I did a long savasana. Why not. I was on my mat. I tried to concentrate on the breath, but somehow I was almost absent. Could I be too tired? I was in bed on time. Performance changes, that's it.

Then I showered, the cold shower at the end was so cold. But then I dressed my warm grey jogging pants and my white warm jacket. It is so good, to feel so warm now.

I shouldn't write that I don't want to go to work, but so it is. We change the rooms today and I have to fight for the seat I want to have. And I will have to pay attention that we move within working hours. I want to leave the company at 6. I feel harassed when I always have to stay longer. The work is not my life. 9 hours must be enough.

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