Monday, January 22, 2007

Led Ashtanga class after work

It scarcely happened to me, that I was that fast so demotivated to work than in the job I currently have. One reason is that we really do what we (my colleague and me) can. I start working at 9 and I stop at 6. My colleague comes at 8. We do not speak for 5 minutes. We work fast. We probably meet the deadlines. What we get is pressure. I used to work in the accounts department alone and now I have a rather unhealthy environment. This frustrates me.

Why do I write this?

Because the dissatisfying life from 6 to 9 had something very positive today. When I left the company I went to a led Ashtang class. I didn't like to think of what was already the past. I wanted to be in the here and now. I didn't like to get my spare time spoiled by thoughts of the work. The consequence: I had such a good FOCUS today during my practice. I was on my mat. I went deep into the asanas. Bandhas, drishtis all was honoured. It was so good.

At home again I had this wonderful evening shower. I remember when I got a comment and a reader wrote that I should shower in the evening, I thought: Oh my Goodness, now the reader already recommend when to shower. But I was open-minded and I said to myself: Give it a try. And now I love it. I have more time for taking care of my body than in the morning. I feel so relieved after my shower. It was such an improvement in my life.

Now 1 hour is left. When I want to have a good practice tomorrow morning I have to go to bed at a decent time. And I want to have a good practice. So 1 hour - for plays.

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