Sunday, January 28, 2007

The last deed today - the Greece restaurant

Was this really a good preparation for tomorrow morning. I know that the morning starts the evening before.

It was fun. The last times we didn't get a seat there. Today I called and tried to make a reservation and I was lucky. We got two seats at 6 p.m. We did the full programme there: starter (Greece salad), main course (baked aubergines with zaziki), dessert (yogurt with honey), retsina, ouzo. My boyfriend had beer and Gyros. How I feel heavy now. I think this was enough food today for the entire week.

I start feeling tired. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to do. My rooms are a mess. I was lazy. I did not everything I wanted to do. I feel remorses. I think that there is so much to do at home, that I'm glad that I can go to an office tomorrow morning.:) (to the office). But I want to leave at 6 p.m.. Please. I want to go to a led Ashtanga class. The number 6 pursuits me.

I'm glad that I'm so tired. I want to sleep. I want nothing else anymore than to sleep. This wish I can fulfill. I only have to go to bed. It is doable.

And then I want a relaxed week. Please, a relaxed week. The week will start with my Ashtanga practice tomorrow morning. I'm too weak to visualize it. I'm tired, so tired.

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