Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It is still dark when I start practicing

It was not a famous practice this morning. I wondered if I should practice at all. My body told me that the surya namaskaras felt always well and so I started. I didn't sweat. It was a practice that woke up my body, very soft. No real progress. I had to omit a lot of asanas (lack of time), no vinyasa today, no headstand either. It doesn't matter. I haven't stopped practicing.

I asked myself what has changed since I've started Ashtanga yoga? (I thought about it during my practice - very good focus :))

- my body is stronger and more flexible

- more important, my attitude has slightly changed. I do not say so often, perhaps I do not think it at all, that I won't be able to do a posture. I know that some postures need time, perhaps a decade or even longer. But it is doable. And this attitude became a general attitude towards the tasks that life gives me. It is doable.

- Has my concentration, my focus improved? I don't know. I don't believe it.

- One thing has definitely changed. I want to build my life around yoga and not the other way round.


Anonymous said...

What's a "famous practice"?

Ursula said...

A famous practice is an outstanding practice. A practice you will remember for a longer time, because it had something special.