Saturday, January 20, 2007

I stopped with my practice

How was this with the feelings a few blogs away? I'd like to use my feelings like I use my clothes. This was not possible this morning. The mood to practice faded. After the first 5 surya namaskaras I had a break. Then I continued with the next 5 surya namaskaras b. I need more breaths than indicated doing surya namaskara b, especially when I step forward with one leg. Yesterday I listened to the backbending CD and in the beginning of the class surya namaskara b is part of the sequence. It is counted very fast. Then it is also possible for me to match the breaths with the movements. I only have to be faster.

After the surya namaskaras I called my mother, then bf called me from San Francisco. He was in a bar with life music. How I'd like to be in San Fran. I must create a life for myself where I can travel whenever I want.

In the meantime I will enjoy my life here. I decided to go to Ashtanga playground. It is not a good substitute for a good practice, but a good substitute in case I do not practice at all. When I remember well the plan is to work only on 2 asanas - the trikonasanas.

Only 3 surya namaskaras a, 3 surya namaskaras b and then only 2 further asanas, then the closing sequence is a little bit less for me. But I want to stay open. Perhaps it will be much better than I think now. I will practice to stay open-minded. I can do what I want when I am alone on my mat and I'm much too often alone.

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