Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I left the office at 7 a.m. :-)

It is as it is, I will take it with humour. I worked longer again. I had plans for this evening, I had to postpone them.

When I finally arrived at home I met E. in front of the door. "Would you like to go out for a beer?" he asked me. Of course I liked it.

We went to the Israeli restaurant. There is a huge bar. I ordered a glas of Chardonnay, E. had a beer and we shared a starter. It was relaxing. For a long time we hadn't been there, but the waiter still remembered what we used to order.

I had planned to write about my new evening routine, but to go out is not a daily routine. I asked myself if it is so important to write about my daily routines. But I think it is.

We changed the office rooms a few days ago. Guess what happens. Automatically the colleagues walk into their former rooms without noticing it. Only when they want to sit down and they see that someone else sits on their chair, they realize it: it is the wrong room. This happens a few times every day. It is not attentive, it is sleepy. I'm more mindful i.e., I know where my new room is. I don't walk into the former office room and then I wake up and I'm shocked where I am. I am present. Yes, I say this with pride. Because I know me, I am a daydreamer, too.

It is a help for us human beings to be on auto-pilote from time to time. I think 90 percent of all we do is a habit. Most of the time we do not reflect, if our daily routines are useful or not. But this is the process I'm going through now. My life has changed and now I check, if my former habits are still usefull. Every activity that is performed once a day is worth to be examined in my opinion.

And tomorrow I will throw my dresses in the next corner or on my chair as soon as I've closed the door behind me in order to have a shower first. Then my so-called "private life" can start. That's the way I want to start my evenings - with hot and cold water.

Good night.

Thank you Edith for your tips. They are always welcomed.

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