Friday, January 19, 2007

I had to practice according to the CD "backbendings"

I practiced a second time today. I switched on the CD by Sharron and David "backbendings".

The first time when I practice with a CD I often do not understand everything. I have to concentrate what comes next instead of concentrating on my breath. But this gets better the more often I practice with a CD. And I will definitely do this. I like the CD.

There are demanding asanas within the sequence like handstand, forearm stand, split pose.
I like the asana combinations: Janu sirsasana right side, then marichyasana c right side, then left side feels really great.

Shoulderstand is held for 75 breaths. This was a little bit long for me and I added some variations.

Kapotasana is called "little wheel". It is teached to go up from laying down. It is easier than to go down from the kneeling position. I could lift my body up a few inches. I was very proud.

Vinyasas are not performed on this CD. The CD is a real distraction.

I highly recommend this CD and DVD: "Backbendings" by Sharron Gannon and David Life

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