Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The history

Yoga at 8 a.m. - for free:
A few years later, the preparation of my diploma was in full swing, when I discovered this advertisment. The yoga rooms were round the corner and I went to my first class there.

We were about 5 to 6 people, sitting in a warm room in a circle. The room was full of the smell of incenses (The air was thick to be honest, full of incense smoke) . Then the teacher came. He was almost naked. Only his penis was coverd by a sort of cotton tissue. The remaining hair on his head was long. He sat down. He was able to do hanumanasana to the sides.

We always started with pranayama. Then the asanas followed. We watched the teacher and then we copied what he did. No word was spoken. The asanas were held very long. Finally I managed it not to scratch me from time to time. The beginners were always scratching themselves, more advanced students remained without any movement in the asanas. I loved it. For years when I practiced alone, I practiced yoga how I did it there.

A few months ago I checked via internet what they are doing now. It is Tantra and they want that people live with them - a tantra community. Twenty years ago they already experimented with naked yoga and believe me this was progressive at those times.

I came back to yoga all the time. Most of the time it was a self-practice. Later I discovered the book by Andre van Lysbeth. I think he is a Sivananda student. I did the recommended 12 asanas for years, but I missed the challenges.

Jivamukti Yoga: A few years ago I lost a job on a rather bad way. I said to myself that I had to go new ways and I also took another street. I walked around, because I like to walk. So I discovered the Jivamukti studio. As I had a lot of free time I practiced there every day. I did my first Ashtanga class without knowing that is was Ashtanga yoga. This came later. I thought it was all the same - yoga . But one day I googled and now I know more, now I think I know what I'm doing, at least how it is called.

Often I practice alone - it is a challenge. I like to practice with others too. It is now 4 years that I practice Ashtanga yoga. It is amazing. I like it that I've met these like-minded online people.

My boyfriend says that when he met me I did already yoga. This was 10 years ago. So yoga accompanies me the last 26 years. But now I'm standing in front of the Alpes. I'm going to climb them.


CJ said...

What a really lovely piece of writing Ursula. I also like to practice alone, there's a different challenge there. I also like to practice with others, I like that energy.

Ursula said...

Such a nice compliment early in the morning.Thank you. Ursula