Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Goal No 4

I think it is a little bit sad that I wrote it down as a goal, but how I live everything has to be organised even to meet friends. And this I want to do much more than I did in the last months. Job took so much energy and they want even more time from me. I was too exhausted and I prefered to do yoga than to sit in a coffee house in the last time. I meet friends outside usually as I'm not such a good housewife, space is limited.

I don't want to get absorbed totally by my job. Now I have already more power than a few months ago. I got used to work again. So I will give a part of my energy and time friends and other people, I like to meet. For me it is fun to be with other people.

On Thursday I will meet B. I'm looking forward to see her. And after blogging I will try to reach a friend in Berlin. I can call her any time, but the best time is after midnight. This is too late for me, but perhaps she picks up the phone a little bit earlier today.

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