Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The first class

I think it was an Iyengar yoga class, it must have been. I cannot remember that we did surya namaskaras. We did poses and we held them for a rather long time. This I can remember.

Of course I can remember the highlight. When I talked about yoga I always told that the most amazing thing of yoga is the relaxation. The teacher led us from body part to body part. We should relax. I could relax and finally I didn't sleep, but I wasn't awake either. And that was it what I liked.

I didn't care about the asanas. The most exciting part of the yoga class was the relaxation pose. In the last years I omitted savasana. It is so strange. I added savasana again.
But that was it - the status between sleeping and being fully awake. I was almost unable to move, but my mind observed how I layed on my blanket. I loved it.

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