Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The evenings

The evenings are too short. I need better evening habits. To eat too much and to drink red wine, because I'm exhausted is not a solution. I'm mentally exhausted not physically. Perhaps I should really throw my clothes in the next corner as soon as I've closed the front door. Then the shower. The shower refreshes me. Afterwards I can eat. I fear to take a nap, because I fear that I wake up the next morning.

Perhaps I shouldn't eat in the evening anymore. That's perhaps the best solution. A tea can be enough. To eat makes me heavy and lazy. I don't want to mention the booze that I had yesterday and today and we have only Tuesday.

Oh, to be with the young man in a room pleases me. He is very optimistic and at work I play joy and optimism, too. This makes everything easier. This is part of my professional habits. I don't show moods at work. I at least think so, colleagues might better judge it. Working life is better now, but the one problem remains. I feel that the "important" people expect me to stay longer after work and I don't want to. Point.


CJ said...

Keep each extra hour worked noted in a spreadsheet and invoice them at the end of the month.

I don't eat dinner, but I have a good breakfast and a good lunch. I have milk if I'm a bit peckish.

Ursula said...

This might be a good idea to omit dinner.A tea with soy milk could really be enough or some fruits.

I will write down the extra hours, even though I was already told that I neither will get paid for it nor will I get spare time. A nightmare. It is an attack on my life and my salary.