Friday, January 19, 2007

A day at home

I slept a little bit longer (7 a.m.). The telephone woke me up. It was my darling, who was calling me from Portland, asking how I was. But I feel well. And I'm happy that I do not have to go to work today. This does not at all speak for my work. I still have one goal regarding my job. I want to do the annual accounts at the end of March - a highlight for every accountant?!.

I switched on the music and I practiced this morning. I took a lot of breaks. It was fine. I practiced slowly and I enjoyed the asanas. I didn't omit an asana or a vinyasa. I remembered the breath, I remembered the bandhas and I remembered to enjoy the whole thing.

I played with supta kurmasana, I did dhanurasana 3 times. I cannot judge how I was, but this doesn't count. I practiced. Shavasana was great. I felt the hard floor under me, it gave me stability, even security.

Then my morning shower followed and I have still plenty of time to waste. What for a day.

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