Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The breath

I listened to my breath, this was the focus today, too.
I admired the breath of my darling. The sound is so even and deep, while he is sleeping.

But back to my breath:
-Inhaling and exhaling do not have the same length. It is not that easy to make it even.
-When I enter asanas breathing gets shorter and more excited. My interpretation: the pose is not yet really relaxing.
-I need more breaths than indicated in the bibles (of Lino Miele's book i.e.). The breath will be the focus for the next weeks or perhaps for as long as I can do yoga.

But I'm happy with my practice today. I was concentrated, I stayed on my mat. Only once I left it to listen to E.'s breaths. Pindasana and eka pada sirsasana are the most difficult asanas for me in the morning. Also this morning I fell out of pindasana. I like savasana now at the end.

Let's continue with a deep relaxed breath.

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