Thursday, January 18, 2007

Backbendings with Sharron Gannon and David Life

I watched the DVD "Backbendings" by Sharron and David this afternoon. I really like it that they talk about vegetarianism. I had to smile when I saw that they fed the cats with asparagus and carrots.

The cats are walking around and sitting around while Sharron and David are doing yoga. Once Sharron is in headstand and the cat is coming very closely to the face of Sharron. She kept going with her breathing, while David couldn't stop smiling. Then the cat was bored and slowly went away.

The DVD is great. But I feel like the cat, only to watch other people doing yoga is a bit boring. I prefer to practice myself.

I can imagine myself sitting in the grass on a blanket. Then it could be interesting to watch someone doing asanas. But to sit in front of the PC watching a yoga class is good to gain knowledge about the sequence and how to perform it, but it is just information gathering. Fun is to practice myself. Tomorrow.

A friend called me later and invited me for her birthday. I didn't like to talk too long on the phone and so I said that I had been at the dentist and that I had to recover. She told me that I can moan on her birthday about it. Only women with huge psychological problems, health problems or teeth problems will come and perhaps her friend T, the only man. Oh, we will be a very funny round. I like her birthdays. I'm invited for more than 10 years. I have also a present idea now: a journal, there is a lot of place to complain, to cry, to be unhappy and so on.

We have a huge storm over Germany at the moment. It is recommended to stay at home.

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