Wednesday, January 17, 2007

At home again - my little paradise

It was a day full of work. I prefer this. It is a nightmare for me to sit in the office pretending to work. But I hate the artificial pressure that it is put upon us. We cannot do more than working.

Next topic: I have not yet written down all my 10 goals and tomorrow the very first step will be done by me to accomplish the first goal. I asked my bf, if I should write about it. He said no. I regretted at once that I asked him. He wouldn't write at all, he is not an expert in answering such questions. So I'll write about it. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dentist. A major surgery awaits me and I'm so afraid of it. I'm even allowed to stay at home afterwards- Tuesday and Friday. I think that I won't be able to do yoga afterwards. I want to practice this evening and tomorrow morning. But the surgery has to be done. I postponed it already for a very long time.

My trick at the dentist: I try to think of my big toe the entire time when I'm on the dentist's chair. Oh, it will hurt, no not to think of my big toe, but everything else.

I will give me a reward when everything is over: today during lunch time I was at the airyoga studio and I booked a Thai massage. The difficult question: would you like a woman masseur or a man masseur. I really didn't know. After 5 minutes I was very astonished about my answer. I said: the man. I think that the woman at the reception desk was astonished, too. But then it came out that only the woman gives massages in the evening. Next Tuesday I will get my very first massage and it will be Thai massage. I'm very curious.

Thai massage is also called passive yoga. I guess that salespeople must only mention the word yoga and I buy everything.


Yogamum said...

I had a Thai massage and I really, really enjoyed it. I felt so relaxed afterwards, but I also felt like I'd had a workout!

I don't care if I get a massage from a man or woman, as long as they're strong.

Ursula said...

So I'm looking forward to it. It is my first professional massage. I'm open to what will come. I will write about it. Thanks for commenting

docwrite said...

Massage is not just relaxing, but may also help heal some chronic diseases like arthritis also.