Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another morning practice

At first it was not that easy to pick me up and to roll out my mat. I put away things in order to avoid the practice.

Then I said to myself: try how it is to do a surya namaskara a. I liked it from the very first moment on. I thought that I could do only a few surya namaskaras. I could see the trick. Once I'm on my mat I'm likely to go on with my practice. And so was it. My body was rather soft. I think the good food that I had yesterday helped. Good food means salad and not so much from everything. I enjoyed the asanas, even dhanurasana. It gets better even though I'm far away from going up from this position. I just cannot imagine how I can do this. But I won't give up, guess it will take some time, but then.......

I practiced, I'm happy. Time was too short again of course, but what happened on my mat was a practice, even though I had music in the background.

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