Sunday, January 07, 2007


.....the same feeling. Time runs through my fingers like water. It is already evening here. Yoga, reading, shower, a cup of coffee outside and the week-end is over. Where does all the time go?

I should have planned this week-end more precisely. At least I found an interesting yoga work shop in February here in Munich via Internet. It sounds as if I can attend a lot of classes and workshops that interest me this year.

One step after the other.
Plan for tomorrow is to call the dentist. This is very important.
In the evening I will go to a led Ashtanga class. I have to take my mat to work.
At home in the evening I have to care for my own finances. That's enough.

And then I will sit, just sit and if it is on my sofa and not on the hard floor. Because tomorrow in the evening I will know again that I survived another Monday. After the yoga class I will feel good.

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