Wednesday, January 03, 2007

After the bath

I had a hot bath. I hoped to leave all the dirt of the day in the bath tube. 90 percent is there now. It was noticed in the bath tube that I gained muscles. I'm not really sure if I like it that much. Muscles are not defined, but I built muscle mass. That's Ashtanga yoga, I guess. Legs are very strong now.

I worked half an hour longer today. I used the time after 6 to go to the boss to tell him what we've done today. I hoped that he would notice that I stayed longer. How crazy, almost subaltern. I cannot complain. This morning when I entered the office I thought, how nice it was there, it was so warm, almost cosy. We have a lot to do now, what I like. I work together with the new young colleague and this is very nice. It is his first job and he is very motivated to learn something and he learns fast. No reason for complaining, but I do not feel satisfied either.

Sometimes I think that I've changed during the last 2 years where I stayed at home to prepare the accounting test. I want to be free. But during the last 2 years where I was really free I wasted too much time, now I get the punishment.

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