Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The addiction - my yoga time is holy

Guess it is part of my personality: Xxxx, cigarettes, xxxxxx, xxx, aikido, salsa dancing. Name something and I was likely a bit addicted. Some addictions created some problems, some I liked. Now it is Ashtanga yoga and I like it. I get furious when someone wants to take away my practice.

Boss a few weeks ago: Perhaps you can come at 8.
Me: I do yoga in the morning.
This was the end of the discussion.

I have to go on a business trip. I told him that I wanted to start working at 9 there. It was OK. I guess he knows why. My yoga time is holy.


VB said...

I hear that. Sometimes people schedule me for a 7am conference call (I live in California so we're usually earlier than everyone else we work with, whether in the US or Europe. I HATE that. I've tried blocking out my calendar every day from 6 until 8:30am but it still happens sometimes. Have a great day.

Ursula said...

I understand you very well. I started fighting for my life.It is not always easy. Ursula

CJ said...

It's funny I do the same thing. A friend said to me once "You always fit everything around your yoga practice - don't you think it should be the other way round?" - No.

Ursula said...

You describe it exactly how I do it. Work must fit to my life and not the other way round. Ursula