Sunday, January 28, 2007

2nd series - second part

I checked, when I did my last post. It was about 20 minutes earlier. The middle part and the closing sequence was done in 20 minutes.

I omitted the vinyasas. I took the practice easily - a few backbendings, I tried kapotasana. I wanted to enter kapotasana from lying on the floor first. I could lift my body a few inches. It was nothing, but that way many poses started. At first it was not even possible to realize which post it should be, but after half a decade......:).

I wanted to do pincha mayurasana. I touched the wardrobe first, but then I could stand longer than usual without touching the wardrobe. I also did handstand and I had a good feeling.

My body is still tired from holding the asanas so long yesterday. It is good that I stopped now.

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