Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1st practice in 2007

I was sooooo stiff, I had no balance at all, I could scarcely breath.

(My fingertips could scarcly touch the floor in uttanasana, usually my flat hand can touch it easily. I almost fell out of uthita hasta padangusthasana. Headstand was doable. Dhanurasana at the end was a nightmare - I could lift up my body only a few inches/cm.)

But I struggled myself through half of the second series. I didn't omit a vinyasa or asana. I would say I was brave.

Major decisions had to be made in the morning. At 6 a.m. it is still totally dark here in Munich. Should I switch on the light or should I practice in the dark? I'm not really able to make decisions of such an importance that early. I practiced in the dark. Light I could see in the home of my neighbour. She was smoking again, dressed with her dressing gown. Now I sit here in my dressing gown, too. It felt natural to have a quick shower after the practice (without washing hair) and then to blog. I can do my morning pages afterwards. Now the experiences of my practice are still fresh.

Cause study why it was so difficult:
- I never ever practiced that early.
- Yesterday I didn't practice at all.
- I gained a little bit weight.
- The practice was the very first movement in the morning.
- Sometimes it is difficult.

I still think that I should go on with this new morning routine. I do not need 2 showers in the morning. My hair is still fresh and I am presentable for work. How to wake up the body that early? I think routine helps. I will go on at least for a month. And my routine is not yet over. Now I will write my morning pages. My hot black cup of coffee is already handy.

I feel good. So it must have been somehow supporting.

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