Sunday, December 24, 2006

The yearly routine has already started - Yoga

The yearly routine has already started. Yesterday we arrived at my parent's home. We had dinner together. E. and I went downtown after dinner. We wanted to got to a Chrismas market for the last time this year and afterwards we went to a special beer bar here. People in smaller cities are very open for conversations with new people. We liked to sit in the warm smoky bar.

Breakfast this morning was good and then E. left us. His mother is waiting already in the North of Germany. We exchanged some kisses, some warm hugs and a love letter at the car like every year. I waved him.

Then I practiced. My mother played some games at the PC, my father was sleeping. I had the living room for myself. I practiced slowly, it was very intensive. I didn't omit a vinyasa or an asana. I enjoyed every movement, every moment. I just loved it.

My mother is preparing dinner now. After dinner we will exchange our presents. My 75 year old father already wanted to open his presents while E. was leaving. But we didn't allow it. He has to wait, too. It's time to offer my help, or at least I have to go on with conversation.

Merry Christmas to all.


Wayne said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Ursula said...

Thank you Wayne.
I wish us many good practices in the new year. Ursula

David said...

Merry Christmas Ursula, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

I'm off to the mat right now to practice.

Ursula said...

Thanks David. I enjoy it to have so much time. My mother does everything and she does not need help. Sitting around, yoga, reading, eating, talking, watching TV is all I have to do.

I wish you many good practices,too.