Tuesday, December 19, 2006

With Sharath

For months I haven't practiced with the CD by Sharath. Yesterday the new CD arrived, I had to test it. The greatest difference between practicing according the CD and my own practice is, that when I practice alone I need so much longer to get into the position. I take several breaths sometimes, I adjust myself and then I remain without movement only with my breath. I go out of the position rather fast. Sharath counts fast: one breath and one should be in the asana, no matter if it is mari d or what ever. But once in the asana I had to stay longer with the CD.

But I was good today: I could even perform garbha pindasana as fast as counted. Only instead of navasana I gave me a break. I could hold sirsasana only for 10 breaths.

When I practice alone I do vinyasas only between the asanas not between the sides. Today I did every single vinyasa, every asana. I'm done now.

I ended with savasana. I could feel how my red hot blood was running through my white body.

The glass of tap water after the practice was like a drop of water thrown into the desert.

So good.


Wayne said...

Since I have a home practice I too often practice with a CD or DVD. I tend to move too slowly through the asanas.

Ursula said...

Nice to read that you are still practicing. Ursula

Krishna said...

I too intend to order the Sharat CD . Can u write a separate blog on the details of the sharat CD i.e each tracks ,how long are each tracks , how many Soorya Namaaskars etc .I know u have been writing a lot on Sharat CDs but I would appreciate a separate and detailed article about that CD in your blog( may be a tarck by track account ) so that it motivates others to also buy and practice using the same .

Krishna said...

Hi Ursula

I got the Sharat CD few weeks back and have started practicing using the same up to the standing postures and though it is fast I like it because it keeps my mind focused . Thanks for writing about Sharat CD . If I did not read your blog I would never have been motivated to buy and try the CD .