Saturday, December 02, 2006

Use it or loose it

I got to know a person who is not able to speak one language correctly, not even the mother tongue, even though this person is not silly. This is rather shocking for me. She came to Germany 15 years ago and "learned" German here. This woman cannot say one correct sentence in German, not even one, after 15 years. She does not really like to speak English, because it is too bad, even I can hear it. Nor does she like to speak French, her mother tongue.

Everything get lost if not exercised, refreshed, enjoyed or whatsoever, even the mother tongue. It's a good lesson for me: Everything I want to know, be able to do has to be done on a regular basis.

This was the word for the weekend. My break is over now. Floor in the kitchen is waiting. Probably my last cleaning act for today.


Wayne said...

Very true - I *used* to be fluent in French, German and Spanish. Lack of use has left me only able to understand these languages. When I try and speak them now, it is very uncomfortable (and probably wrong).

Ursula said...

Hi Wayne,

4 languages, that's a lot. Where did you learn it? Did you travel a lot?