Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday morning holy Ashtanga practice

It was not as I visualized it yesterday. I needed too many breaks and during these breaks I strolled around in my rooms. I didn't omit a vinyasa nor an asana. I liked this.

Leg behind the head was possible, but I have to hold the leg very strongly, otherwise it finds a way to get out of this unconfortable position as soon as possible.Body is rather cramped in this pose. Too high expectations don't let me enjoy the practice as I would, if I had no expectations.

I need from time to time a led class or a CD to see how it is when I'm focused.

Reflections on the mind: The mind has too much power. It is better to consider the mind as an instrument that should help performing the specific goals and not the one who decides what to do. My mind is a distracted, jumping monster.


David said...

Haha! I know this phenomena of the strolling body / strolling mind....wandering aimlessly from room to room in my apartment as I should be lifting up into my next vinyasa, or exhaling chin to shin....

This is an exercise in equanimity and non-attachment is it let the mind roam and the body as well, yet to come back again and again without judgement to the practice.

I enjoy the simple sincerity of your blog, Ursula.


Ursula said...

Glad that I'm not alone strolling around. Thanks for your nice comment. Ursula