Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My practice was average or below average. I think now that I do not make any progress, because I practice too slobby. But perhaps the truth is that I need trust. I cannot go every day to the edges, but every practice helps.

Dhanurasana was bad, could scarcly lift up. Forward bendings were far from what I usually accomplish. Emotionally I'm not really touched, but I observe.

I did kapala bati when I was finally in padmasana. This breathing technique gives power, wakes me up.

I have to admit that one of the reasons why it was so difficult is ,because I gained 1 kg (about 2 pounds). The visits of the christmas markets can be seen on my belly now. So, no christmas market today!!!!!

A side note: health insurance is translated illness insurance, when I translate it word by word from German to English. Interesting.

Side note 2: Of course time was not enough.


CJ said...

When you practice alone for a long time it's normal to think that you've not made any progress. You're your own critic, and we tend to be hard on ourselves or unable to see how far we've come. There's no teacher to say "well done", "better!",etc...You have to learn to encourage yourself :)

Tim said...

We all hit those tough practices; tomorrow is another day.

By the way, we made the gluwein on Sunday while the kids decorated the tree. Very tasty, but I'll have to post the glugg recipe sometime.

Ursula said...

Thanks for reading and commenting:

yes, to love the plateau, that's it.

Tim, I'm looking forward to the glugg recipe, but take your time, winter is long here in Germany

leena ,a ndian said...

kapal bati is actually kapal bharti
plz dont say bati search more on that.