Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On U.'s practice

U. is always looking for the best time to practice. This morning mother wanted to go shopping rather early in the morning to avoid to be amidst all the people who like to change the Christmas presents. So U. had to postpone the practice. U. didn't like it that much, but there was time in the afternoon, and perhaps then the body would be more flexible. This consoled her.

After buying winter shoes in a new mall mother and daughter returned. They were looking for the yoga books which were given to the mother in former years. Finally they found them in the pantry. Mother used to do yoga as well.

U. flipped through the books by Sharron Gannon and the Sivananda Yoga Center. The books inspired her practice.

At 4 p.m. she practiced. Still inspired by the books she added asanas, variations, that she had seen in the books. It was interesting for her. The mind was happy with the change. But after the standing sequences flow stopped, asanas, vinyasas were omitted and finally she lay down on the floor obviously thinking. It was before dhanurasana. As dhanurasana was performed after a rather long break, the more active thoughts might have won. A quick closing sequence followed. A few breathes in sarvangasana, halasana, mayurasana, then savasana, that was it. Even the mother wondered why U. stopped already after only 45 minutes.

On using the 3rd person for myself: It is rather interesting to step back and to observe. It feels strange, but I will go on for a while with it. It makes detachment easier, at least I hope so.

One conclusion I can draw so far: Only sometimes the conditions for a yoga practice are ideal. Sometimes I have to consider the wishes of other people. Sometimes I have eaten too much, or there is not enough time. Sometimes the body and mind is tired, overstretched or whatever. The ideal time for a yoga practice is rare.
Everything can be taken as an excuse, but it can be taken as a motivation as well.

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