Thursday, December 28, 2006

In and out of the positions

U. practiced after the morning shower and after breakfast.

The practice lasted 1 hour. U. went in and out of the positions. She didn't hold the asanas very long. Every single asana was performed, every vinyasa was performed. But between the asanas she took breaks. Practice seemed to be heavy. Feet seemed to be cold as she warmed the feet from time to time with her hands, for a while she even wore socks. To enter kapotasana she layed down. It was not seen that she could lift her body. To enter this asanas from laying down is likely to be as difficult as to get into it from kneeling position. Then no breaks anymore, flow was to be seen, one asana followed the other. And then suddenly the face showed some reaction. It was at the start of eka pada sirsasana. She stopped, she must have injured. U. went on for a short closing sequence, but didn't look happy. Later we were informed that the right side of the lower back suddenly hurt. Overstretched. Damned.

To perform such difficult asanas it is very important that the room is very warm. Feet were cold till the end of the practice, so the body couldn't be very warm either. This injury means 2 steps back again. How sad.


Rhiannon said...

I don`t understand you. Why do you do such chaotic practices - and why after shower and breakfast? Let me give you a little bit of help and share with you my routine:
I get up at 6 a.m. My boyfriend and I have two alarmclocks in our bedroom. One for me, set at 6 a.m, the other one for him, set at 7:30 a.m.
I practice in the living room, my mat and yoga-clothes have been set up the night before. I get into my clothes, roll out the mat and start right away. No shower, no coffee, I just start. After practice I shower (no longer than 5 minutes). I don't wash my hair, I don't waste my time with any other beauty stuff. I recommend washing your hair in the evenings anyway, as you got long tresses like me, too.
Then I have breakfast. Mmmhhhh, the coffee is so delicious, and how I enjoy the muesli! After breakfast I get dressed and brush my teeth. I get a very good practice every morning, even if my body feels stiff from time to time and even though I'm not at my best each and every day. What you do is not yoga. You do gymnastics as if you prepared for the olympic games.
Yoga is about being aware of your breath, about flowing with prana, the divine life-force.
In my life, Saturday is a day off and Sunday I practice around 11 a. m., as I like to stay in bed longer at weekends. Most people like to go out Friday and Saturday nights only anyway, and that's the time for me to go out and have a nice time. During the week I'm in bed at 10 p.m.
I hate getting up early and I'm often tired, but I got used to it.
The most important thing is not to potter around the kitchen or the living room before practice. Tidying up can be done l a t e r.
Just get up, go to the toilet, get into your clothes and start the first surya namaskara immediately.
You will get into the flow.

Ursula said...

Hi Rhiannon,
Thank you very much for your long comment and for sharing your routine.
(At the moment my daily routine is different as usual, because I travel and at the moment I'm at my parent's home.)

You are so right. My practice is sometimes chaotic or not concentrated. That's my challenge. I see more and more that not the asanas are the real difficulties, but to bring mind and body and breath together and finally to find flow.

I know the importance of routines. I'm rather happy with mine, but perhaps your routine is better.
At my home again I will test your morning routine. What is good for you might be good for me,too. I will write about it. I'm curious.

1. practice at 6 a.m.
2. shower without washing hair, because this is done already in the evening
3. journal writing
4. breakfast and preparing for work

Sounds good. I will test it the first time 2nd January. Why not.

Rhiannon said...

Good luck and a Happy New Year!

Ursula said...

Happy new year to you, too.

Anonymous said...

It would be superkool if you don't really plan / sophesticate your yoga practices. Be simple. Indian tradition is a lot of simplicity. These techniques were made to be simple. So don't think or plan so much. Just get on with it. Be regular, and you should be kool with it!

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