Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I practiced secretly

As my parents think that little daughter (born 1959) does too much yoga, I waited till they were in bed yesterday evening. Fortunately they go to bed rather early. I went on watching TV for a while, but then I took my blue mat and I practiced. It was a wild practice at almost midnight. Body was willing to do almost everything. I was concentrated, didn't leave the mat. I had so much power, no vinyasa was too much. How I enjoyed it. I slept so good afterwards.

Today in the morning I practiced again. This morning I worked on backbendings (second series). It is good for me. Yoga is the counterpose to all the sitting and eating. I enjoy it that I have all the time I need. My parents give me the time in the living room. They do not come in and talk to me or watch me, which a appreciate a lot.

When I lay on the sofa during the day I strech my legs. I lay on my back and try to bring the stretched leg closer to my head. Then I change legs. This is stretching, no yoga. Yoga is when I concentrate on the breath, when focus is important, other activities are gym, or stretching. But only sitting and eating and sitting and eating and reading and studying English grammer and sitting and talking and........makes me crazy. I have to move my body. My body cries for it.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will have time to practice. I will do a midnight practice this evening as well. When I do, what I planned I will have 5 practices in the next 2 days. This cannot be bad. There must be some progress.

It is almost 2:30 p.m. here. This means it's coffee time, self-made cookies time. I cannot resist.


Tim said...

Thinking of you sneaking a secret practice in is too funny. Enjoy the cookies! I'm having coffee cake.

Ursula said...

Oh yeah, I try to be a good daughter here, guess not always sucessful. Too much yoga, too much blogging, my parents are worried about my well-being. :)

ionut said...

wow !!! u are 1959 born?! come on ... i don't buy that ...