Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have no christmas presents so far

Right now I have a good idea: I will write vouchers. In every voucher I will write:
In case you send back this voucher I will dedicate one of my next Ashtanga yoga practices to you. Love. Ursula.

But I think presents like this are not appreciated. Most people like to touch something. I know a boy who said: "I like hard presents not soft presents, while touching all the presents. "(hard present means toys, soft present means clothes).

I was downtown, I work downtown. There seem to be a lot of people like me. Many people are shopping right now till 8 p.m., then the shops will close. All the shops are cramped.

I make the whole giving simple for the others. I buy my own christmas presents and then I tell the spender the price. I bought this nice winter coat for me. I will give it to my bf so that he has something for me. I bought a book for me for his mother, so that she has something for me. For my mother I bought a parfum, for me, too. I buy my own presents and I buy the presents that I want to give. It makes me all crazy.

This year I have just no ideas, I only find things for me. It is such a stress. Gifts are overfreighted with feelings. Does this gift mean that I'm honored enough, does the spender really know me and so on........

Now I have tomorrow evening and Saturday to get all the gifts. But on Saturday I already have to drive home. And when to pack the presents that I do not have yet. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Tim said...

Or, you could do what I did, suggest a present for yourself, then be unable to resist the urge to buy it, then end up with two because The Wife already bought it, then decide that you can use one of them as a gift for someone else. :) (In this case, it was a great movie: Ordinary People)

Ursula said...

Yes, that's funny.:)