Monday, December 18, 2006

Hectic practice today

I was on my mat. It was hectic. It the morning I realized that I do not have 1 Christmas present so far and no ideas what to buy. I have to fetch my clothes from the cleaning shop. I have to pick up books from the post office and so on. This in mind I jumped on my mat and I couldn't forget my huge to do list.

I cannot even remember what happened on my mat. I only know that I was there. I know that I have to manage all the tasks one breath after the other. That's called yoga off the mat.

But I finished with savasana. This was very good.

The evenings of this week:
This evening I will meet a friend,
tomorrow evening I have to buy all the Christmas present,
on Wednesday we have the company Christmas party in a very nice restaurant,
on Thursday I want to go to the Tollwood Christmas market with my bf (the last time this year) and
on Friday I have to pack everything for the travelling.

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