Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glow wine or Glühwein

Take a Bordeaux. Meassure it. Pour the Bordeaux in mugs so that you have exactly the amount of Glühwein that you like, ie. for each person 2 mugs.

Why Bordeaux? Of course it can be another wine, too, but it shouldn't be a too bad one (of course also not Bordeaux 1900). Think of your head the next day.

Pour the wine in a pot add 2 teaspoons of sugar for each mug, add grinded cinnemon and also grinded cloves. Use the cloves carefully because they have a rather strong taste. Heat the wine, but do not boil it.

I do not filter the wine. I like it when the wine is a little bit "dirty" because of the spices.

I tastes good. I would say that I will take a bit more sugar and less cloves the next time, but it's fine.


Tiffersll said...

Hmmm sounds yummy

Ursula said...

Unfortunately it is too good and at the moment you can get it at every corner here in Munich. It is a great danger :).

Tim said...

Thanks for the recipe! We'll try it soon and let you know how it turned out. And yes, the homes tend to be bigger here, but in my view most cities and towns here are quite ugly compared to those in Europe.