Thursday, December 28, 2006

After coffee break

The coffee break now was the break from the break. I have to do absolutely nothing here. I'm pampered from head to tow. How I'd like cleaning my home now :).

Tomorrow I will go by train to Hannover. There I will meet E. again. On Saturday we (E. and me) will go downtown to go shopping. I don't know what is planned for Sunday. This year I'm rather indifferent. I don't need a big party or the perfect dinner - a kiss at midnight, that would be fine. Then my expectations are fulfilled for the second between 2006 and 2007 :).

I'm already in planning phase for the next year. 2006 was exciting. My main goal (passing the accounting test) was accomplished already in February this year. I even got a job as an accountant without any effort from my side. I started a business. I started with Mysore class and with the 2nd Ashtanga series. I met interesting people. I travelled to the US, South Africa, Spain only to mention some highlights.

On 2nd January 2007 I will begin the new year with a new morning routine suggested by a reader. How exciting. I want to stay flexible. To change the morning routine is a challenge in flexibility. I like the idea.

Morning routine so far:
1. shower with hair washing at 6 a.m. or before
2. morning pages with a cup of coffee
3. Ashtanga yoga
4. another quick shower
5. breakfast and blogging
6. making the bed and doing the dishes
7. putting on dress and make up for work

New Morning routine:
1. Ashtanga yoga at 6 a.m. or before
2. quick shower (hair is washed the evening before)
3. journal writing
4. breakfast and blogging
5. making the bed and doing the dishes
6. putting on dress and make up for work

Hahaha, I like to hear about other morning routines.


Wayne said...

Congratulaions on all you did this year! Best wishes for the new year to come.

Tim said...

On yoga mornings:
(Pack clothes/yoga back the night before.)
- put on kettle
- shower (shampooing not an issue)
- dress in yoga stuff
- brush teeth; neti pot
- make coffee & start drinking
- drive to studio & practice
- change into my lawyer costume and head straight to work

Wiebke said...

hi ursula,
i just started reading your blog, found it through the site. i really enjoy it - i am from germany as well, but live in nyc at the moment, will move to toronto in a good week. i do jivamukti yoga. and LOVE it!
my morning routine - make coffee, check/reply to emails, read my "meditations from the mat" entry for the day and try to focus on it for a little bit, then shower and off to yoga class, work, school,...
have a good rest of 2007, i still haven't written down my goals for the year, it is about time.

Ursula said...

Hi Wiebke, nice to hear from you.

I saw that you are a vegan cook. That's great. After 26 years of being vegetarian, I switched to a vegan life style last year. I like it.

How did you manage to go to NY? What are your plans for Toronto?

Best wishes for you. Ursula