Friday, November 17, 2006

Working week is over

Today we have learned that they layed off the woman at the reception desk. For a fracture of a second my old fears came up. The next one will be me. But after that fracture of a second I was indifferent to that feeling. It was also more important to say I few inspiring words to the woman. Sometimes I'm able to say the right things and I think I could tell her that it is better to be optimistic. My bf also thinks that I have too many ideas and because of this there is no reason to be afraid of the future. And I have him, he added. Me: But how do I get your money. He: You know how. (yes, I know, marriage, but I think with 47 I'm much too young for that ). My deep conviction is love needs independance, freedom. Contracts give security, old pension. Later, yes, when I'm old and...... I quickly changed the subject. He takes the nice student to the airport now and then he will pick me up - he invited me for dinner. We'll try to get a seat at the Greece restaurant this time.

I have high expectation regarding my practice tomorrow morning. I visualize myself already in my new yoga clothes, taking myself so important, because I practice Ashtanga yoga. Me, an Ashtangi yogini.

Office rule No 2: be dressed beautifully and smile, smile, smile. It is good to have a job.
Offer of the controller to me today: When your collegue gets out of the room we'll run away with the petty cash. I refused (I know what is in the petty cash).
Picture: Barcelona, Spain - today it had to be a restaurant.

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