Thursday, November 23, 2006

What happened on my mat

It was a slow and modest practice today. It is Thursday already. Mind and body are tired at the end of the week. I like the surya namaskaras very much at the moment. Standing sequence was concentrated, too. I didn't go to the edges. The asanas are demanding enough.

Then I did free style: backbendings (I cannot remember the names of the asanas at the moment). I loved plough pose. And at least I was again in padmasana. I bent forward, forehead on the floor, arms pointing backwards. Did I sleep a little bit in that position? It could be.

Mentally I tried to be in the here and now, nowhere else. I didn't imagine the next asana. I'm perhaps too tired to look in the future. The next asana is future as well.

I need more sleep, that's for sure. I don't want to go to work. I want to trade shares, then I do not have to see anybody. In general I would say I like people. But company structures change people - we all get monsters.

I will try to see the coming hours from the outside, like a movie (a horror movie, with ugly monsters), dissociated, as if it has nothing to do with me, emotionless. In 4 hours is lunch time. How I hate it to go to work. I have to change this attitude at once.

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