Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What else do we learn from our practice

When I'm on my mat, I'm on my mat and not buying clothes, or in a book store or elsewhere.

When work is over it is over. And I do not like to take the people from work to my home. When it is over it is over. I won't give them the power to influence my life after these 9 hours. Point. And that's why I do not write about the shit today. I listen to music now. My boyfriend invited me for dinner. I will talk about the food, about the weather, christmas presents, ideas, books later. Perhaps I inform him 2 minutes or so what's going on so that he won't be astonished when I do not go to work anymore. But 2 minutes is more than enough. And I also don't want to mess up my blog with well-known work crap.

I need a ritual, a sign after work so that I do not forget that lesson.

Oh, there are also good news from work: boss of the bosses was very pleased about the wonderful bouquet of flowers that I bought yesterday evening for my collegue (birthday). We unwrapped the flowers and liked it and later my collegue liked it. It is a wonderful bouquet of flowers. The woman of my flower shop is a real artist.
Picture is taken in South Africa.

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