Monday, November 13, 2006

A weekend in Barcelona, Spain

On Friday I left the office rather early, 4 p.m. I'm always nervous when I travel. Too early I was at the airport. 2 hours in the plane and I landed in another European country. How will the weather be? The doors from the plane opened, the passengers had to go down the steps. A warm wind touched my face. How nice.

I picked up my luggage and went to the taxi stand. A huge queue was there already, but it went forward rather fast. I asked the taxi driver: "Do you speak English?" "No", he answered. Finally we have a common currency in Europe, but no common language. I showed him the piece of paper that I had printed out with the address of the tapas bar. There I wanted to meet my boyfriend. The taxi driver spoke to me as if I spoke Spanish. I sat down in the rear seat. I leaned back. I had much confidence in the taxi driver. After half an hour or so we arrived. I saw my boyfriend waiting for me. We hugged each other, kissed each other.

And then the city had me: I was in the best tapas bar downtown, I drank the best wines. My boyfriend tasted them for me. "You will like it", he used to say after tasting. He tastes the wines in regard of if I like them. That's so nice. It is probably crazy to drink a Californian oaked Chardonnay in Spain, but I like these wines best. In the evening we had red wines. We could sit outside. It was warm. We walked down the Ramlas, watched people and liked it to live.

Picture is taken at the sea there.

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