Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too nervous

The practice was accompanied with the thoughts that I would not have enough time. The result, I would have had 10 minutes more, if I weren't so nervous. 10 minutes for a second shower should be enough. So I would have time to practice till 7:50. I have to meassure the time for the closing sequence, so that I know when to start it.

In the last second I remembered that today was the day for the second series. So today was backbending day. Backbendings give courage.

I know now that I prefer being faster and doing more asanas than to be too slow. I can be slow on the weekends, then I have a lot of time. I can remain up to 5 minutes in a position. But during the week I prefer another pace.

The last asana: I don't know where I read it, but the last asana should be relaxing. This can be either savasana or uttanasana. I prefer uttanasana as relaxing pose during the week.

Sun is shining here in Germany. Oh, how I like it.

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