Saturday, November 18, 2006

Too much from everything

It was too much from everything yesterday evening. Too much food, too much wine. It was a nice evining. The guitar player came, 2 beautiful Flamenco dancers made a nice show between the ailes of the dishes. Our table neighbours were friendly. I could talk about vegan eating, but I couldn't convince them. We even talked about ascetisicm.

To practice ascetisicm with the goal to enjoy even more when ascetic life is interrupted, I think this was the content of the conversation: An egg a day is less interesting, than an egg only on Sundays. Writing this, I doubt it already. My sojayofu with banana breakfast pleases me every day more without any interuptions. My yoga practice is so much more interesting when I do it every day.

So back to the here and now: first the shower, then writing my morning pages with another cup of coffee, then Ashtanga yoga (first series, forwardbendings are needed). Expectations are much lower than yesterday in the evening before going out. Of course.
Picture: one of the many 1 women/1 men shows in the Ramlahs, Barcelona, Spain.

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