Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pure silk

Quality: that's the right word for my practice today. It was a long practice, the quality was best. I concentrated on my breath. The breath gets excited when I enter a new asanas. It is shorter than usual in the beginning of every new asana. I tried to calm the breath, make it longer and relax. I could do it. I remained longer than usual in the asanas. It was wonderful.

I enjoyed the asanas. It was pleasure. I took a lot of breaks, I needed them, so flow was not really there, too many breaks, too many stops. But this allowed me to concentrate more on the asanas. The breaks recovered me and then I had fresh power, fresh concentration for the next asana. I didn't omit anything till leg behind the head. This is where I stop when I do the second series.
Leg behind the head could be performed. It is not really good. My body is too cramped, I do not feel well in that asana, but it is slight progress that I can see now.

Dhanurasana was great, too. I sense now how it can be when my upper body opens up more. A wonderful pose, too.
Picture is taken somewhere in South Africa.

Ashtanga yoga - that's it.

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