Sunday, November 05, 2006

Preparation for the week

This afternoon:

Me: Oh, I fear the next week.
Bf: What exactly do you fear?

I fell almost off my chair. My bf, an engineer with such a perfect psycholigical question.

Me: I fear that I have not enough to do, I fear that I have too much to do, I fear that I make mistakes, I fear that I run away, I fear...

But the question was too good. Laughter and fear do not come together.

So I'm looking forward to the next week: My tasks are interesting, at least for me: to transform the national chart of accounts into IFRS. That means also to group the accounts. The IT part will be the most difficult part, I will need help, and I don't know so far, who will help me, but I will found out. I'm more and more away from entering datas, that's nice, even though I like to enter things, too. And there are still so many other things to do (checking bank accounts, completing inventory and so on), I do not want to go more into details.

The day was very productive. Not everything, but most of the things that I postponed during the week are done now (ironing, private accounting, paying bills, and so on). I feel so much lighter now.

The reward at the end of the week is waiting: the week-end trip (Friday to Sunday evening) to Barcelona, Spain. So far I haven't found via internet a yoga studio that is open. I contacted 1 person, but so far I got no answer. If I won't practice in a studio there, it would be OK, too. Of course I will travel with my yoga mat and I will find time to practice in the morning.

Bf wants to go out for dinner, even though I promised him a delicious leek soup. But I like to order something without having much to do, too. So, let's enjoy the last hours of this rainy Sunday.

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Q said...

Hi Ursula, try this one

I'm going there at Christmastime!