Sunday, November 19, 2006

The practice

I got up shortly after 7 a.m., even though it is Sunday. I had a slow intensive practice (second series). I took a lot of breaths between the asanas. It was quite.

My focus was on the bandhas. In the different asanas it is a different feeling to use the bandhas. It is of different difficulty to use and hold them. Using the bandhas the asanas improve a lot. They are a secret.

Psychologically the standing sequence get shorter and shorter. These few asanas I think now sometimes.

Utthita parsvakonasana is supposed to be a side stretch. In the past I didn't feel it. Now I let the palm show to the right side (when right leg is in front), and then I can feel an intensive stretch on the whole side of the body.

Prasarita padottanasana: I do not jump the legs too far apart. I think it is much more important to keep the back straight and not to put the head on the floor. The corresponding asana upavishta konasana shows the truth. It shows how far I'm able to go down with straight back.

Kapotasana: I think I need help. The wardrobe is a support, but.....a human being is better.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: I take the arm through the leg and grasp the other hand. It is a variation. I think it protects my elbow joint and prepares for the right performance.

Eka pada sirsasana A was so good yesterday evening. B. showed me a "trick" the last time. It is important to take the leg back, really back. Then the shoulder can be taken in front of the leg and again it is important to take the leg back. Then it is "easy" to take the leg behind the head. Yesterday it was true, today not.

Vinyasas: I need them when I do the second series. They balance the backbendings. I hold uttanasana for several breaths.

Attitude: ambitious, discontent. "I should be able to do this and that. I exercise now for I don't know how long." and so on. The last weeks I was so happy with my practice even though I wasn't better. "Should" is an ugly word. Before a long time I wanted to cross it out of my active vocabulary. But today it was here again.

I practiced, I sweated, what else do I want.
Picture is taken in Barcelona, Spain: I don't like to sail (I did it), but sailing boats are always perfect with the masts going up to the sky, one line, simple, but good.

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