Wednesday, November 22, 2006

On my mat

I had only time for 2 morning pages today. Then it was suddenly 7 a.m. That's the time where I start sitting in front of my mat, looking into the window of my neighbour, starting breathing.

The suryas are good, it is a steady movement. The standing sequence pleases me as well ( next time I will give more attention to the 2 last positions - the heroe positions). I'm only a heroe of every day life, so these 2 last positions are neglected.

Forward bending - first series: I gave up after the maris. I added supta kurmasana and supta konasana, then I went to the closing sequence: shoulderstand, plough, fish.

I closed with sitting in padmasana, I put my forehead on the floor and breathed. I almost slept again. I remained for a rather long time in this position. It relaxed me.

I had no expectation and so I could enjoy the practice (even though I think it was all rather slobby).

I had no coffee this morning (I forgot to buy one) and no Mysore class this evening: I have to be creative how to spend the evening: some yoga could be good (hahaha).
Picture: Munich, downtown.

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