Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Never in the here and now

I asked myself how it would be if I went to an Iyengar class. I asked myself where my neighbour was today, there was no light today. I thought of the lecture yesterday. I asked myself if I was good at yoga. I asked myself what to do at work today and if it would be boring, I thought of the pictures I'd like to have taken when I do yoga, I thought of what I'd write in my blog today and so on and so on.

I practiced. Another plateau - another preparation for the next highlight.
Picture: end of the world - South Africa


Tim said...

I did a lot of Iyengar before Ashtanga; I think with a good teacher it is an excellent compliment to an ashtanga practice, since you get to spend more time on a particular pose, often see demonstrations, etc. It's much more of a "class" than a "practice" though. Try it out and see if you connect with the teacher.

Ursula said...

I will test it. Thanks for the hint. I hope that they offer classes that I can attend.