Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My blog reminds me of the internet hype

Some years ago I got up, switched on my TV, n-tv (the German CNN) and checked the shares. I bought shares and expected within a few days a double of what I bought. I watched the news from the morning till late at night. Some friends did the same, we had long phone calls and every little information was interpreted. Every news, every second was interpreted.

So it is with my yoga practice at the moment: a good practice and I think from now on it is getting only better. A bad practice and I see no progress anymore. I think now, from time to time it makes sense to see a week, or a month, or even two. The perspective changes at once. I was not sure if I practiced every day while working. Since 2 months I manage to get up at 6 a.m. every day and I practice. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is not so good. But when I look at the 2 months, one bad practice does not count so much.
The longer I practice the better my practice gets in the long run (that's unfortunately not the case with my shares).
Picture: another christmas market


Yogini said...

i have the same kind of thoughts sometimes. but one of the reasons for me to start a blog was just to be able to see my own progress. i am looking forward to see where i will be in my yoga when my blog has one year anniversery! i can already see progress after just four months of blogging..
i also keep a blog to help me keep up my own practice and stay motivated (it is sometimes hard when you don't have a yoga shala to go to and meet other yogi(ni)s).
back to work...

Ursula said...

Hi Yogini, my intent to write this blog is in fact to go on with the practice. Rather alone here in Munich I need a motivation kick from time to time. To report from the mat is such a kick.

I'm curious what happens to me while doing this spiritual practice. It is an exciting trip. And I like to write.