Friday, November 03, 2006

It is mens'day today or how my bf makes me think of him

Yesterday I went as usual to the kitchen after the shower. Bf had to get up before me, because he had a flight to London in the morning. I was alone and prepared my morning cup of coffee. I filled my cup of coffee with water, so that I could heat exactly the water that I needed for one cup. I pourred it into the water heater. While it is heating, I put the filter on the cup, then I took the filter paper and put in the filter and then I put 2 tea spoons of coffee into the filter paper. In the meantime the water was boiling and I pourred the boiling water into the filter. Then I went to the bed and made the bed. It is done in a minute or so. Then I went back to the kitchen, the coffee should be ready then. I went back. There was a coffee flooding in the kitchen.

The day before, while I was at Mysore class, we had some guests. My dear bf prepared a few cups of tea for them. He didn't meassure the water exactly and didn't pour the remaining water into the sink. I hadn't noticed that there was already water in the water heater and now I had the flooding, suspecting at once my bf with his "abilities" re housework.

I had to smile.

In the evening he called me. This time he called me from Heathrow airport, London. I get phone calls from so many airports of this world. I appreciate it so much. He told me that he was ready for boarding. He is always one of the last to enter the plane. We talked. Bf likes it that I have always something to tell. "You made me remember of you this morning," I told him, "you made sure that I do not forget you." Pause. I went on: "I made my cup of coffee in the morning and I had a coffee flooding." I couldn't stop laughing. He, too. At least he knew exactly, why I had this flooding.We had so much fun.

Practice was average this morning. But I practiced and this is what counts.

Now I'm sitting in an internet cafe, near the station. Internet access at home is not working. There is always something to repair.

I had a good working day today, I had the feeling, that I had completed some projects. Again my collegue didn't like to go home at five. She: "I stay another hour." Me: "Damned, go home." Our boss told her the same, without the damned.

How I like my weekends now.

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