Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday morning

I was a little bit too late on my mat. The middle part of the first series and the closing part was very short today. I had to omit most of the asanas. First series means forward bending and this I did several times. It was another practice on a plateau, not bad, not good. I didn't question anything, I knew now is time to practice and I did it.

The Greece restaurant was too crowded, we didn't get a seat, so we went to an Italian restaurant. These evening dinners with E. influence my practice, of course. On the other hand it is almost the only time with bf where we concentrate on each others. At home we both are busy. At home we eat at different times. I could eat less in restaurants. It needn't to be wine all the time. That's what I can change. But it is so seductive to have a red wine with spaghetti tarantino (it is spaghetti with tomatoe sauce with capres and olives, of course with garlic as well). It was a nice evening, I laughed a lot. We talked about my spending habits. I like to spend money. Of course I save as well. But to spend money is more fun. My moto: I cannot afford it to buy cheap things.

I will practice on Saturday. I will have time for the asanas and my practice demands more time now. I want to hold the asanas and in the morning I have no time for this. I practiced, this was so good. And now the last day of the week is waiting: I have a huge task list today. I'm ready to work. It will be a long day, I don't think that I will be at home on time.
Picture: Barcelona, Spain.

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