Saturday, November 18, 2006


There are so many possibilities to focus, so that the series remain exciting for the next years:

- Technique (in the last weeks this was of minor priority for me)

- Breath (to have inhaling and exhaling equally long, to have a soft breath, to initiate the movement with the breath, breath as long as the movement)
- Bandhas

- Movements (steady)

- Dristi

- Flow
- Asanas (holding them longer)
- Vinyasas
- Attitude
only to mention a few.


ralph said...

do you have good notes from the danny paradise workshop? any good photos or stories? i love that man!

Ursula said...

I wrote about the 3 days workshop in this blot (guess you will find it under the title Danny Paradise).

You can see nice pictures at Dannys website -

Have you met Danny?

ralph said...

sometime ago. he is amazing isn't he!

Ursula said...

He is amazing. He can perform asanas only a few people of the world are able to do it. But this was not the point.

I liked his concept of freedom. He suggested to take the Ashtanga series as an offer. The student is the one who decides what to do with it (addint asanas i.e.).

He said to me that I was good, even though I was one of the worst students - Ha ha Ha. I liked it.