Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Difficult, difficult

I ran away from my mat several times, but I returned. Then I practiced fast: one asana, one breath. This helped for a while. I made it till mari a, then I did salamba sarvangasana and then halasana. My last pose was lying on the floor today - dead woman. It is so arbitrarily how the practice will be. I thought the practice would be good today, I was in bed on time, but....

I need focus, to concentrate is the challenge now, not the "difficult" asanas. There are no difficult asanas, by the way. Goals for my morning practice are low, I only want to be on my mat. I was on my mat. Later it turns out that there are hidden expectations. I would have liked it if the practice was good today. It wasn't, but I was on my mat. To focus, to focus, this is the challenge.

My blog represents the same mess: pictures from South Africa, stories from my mat, where my body is, mind is somewhere else.

So let's bring it together. Body on the mat, mind on the mat, stories from the mat, pictures from Munich.

And now I have to concentrate on fixed assets - 8 hours.
Picture is from the center of Munich. On the picture one of the small Chrismas markets is to be seen. From today or tomorrow on it will be open and I will stand there drinking Glühwein, I know me.

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